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Best education institutions in America changes yearly and this year there are different universities in competition the list of best educational institution in America is as follows : The following article was written by an author shivarama krishna. If you need to know any more information about the best engineering collages in usa for masters check out the below list.

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stanford    It is established in 1891 its president is Marc Tessier-Lavigne its academic staff is 2,118 and the administrative staff is 11,128 excluding SHC and has 15,877 students and there are 6,980 undergraduate students and 8,897 postgraduate students it is located in Stanford, California, U.S.A its campus area is 8,180 acre it has a nickname called Cardinal the courses offered by Stanford university are, it is one of the top and best engineering collage in order to do MBA and other masters programs has mentioned here :

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A)
  • Bachelor of Science (B.S)
  • Bachelor of Arts and Science (B.A.S)
  • Dual Bachelor’s Degree (Concurrent B.A and B.S)
  • Coterminal Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree
  • It holds the second position in our list its Endowment is $22.2 billion (2015).




It was established on April 10th 1861 it has affiliation from AAU, AICUM, AITU, APLU, COFHE, NAICU, URA e.t.c its Chancellor is Cynthia Barnhart and the President is L. Rafael Reif  and the Provost is Martin A. Schmidt its Academatic staff is 1,021 and has 11,319 students in it and 4,512 Undergraduates and 6,807 Postgraduate students it has a nickname as Engineers it has a 168-acre campus in the city of Cambridge

In Undergraduate program it has 44 courses those are

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Architecture & Architecture Studies
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Archaeology and Materials
  • Biological Engineering
  • Chemical-Biological Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering (Course 10 & 10-c)
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Electrical Science and Engineering
  • Engineering as directed by Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Engineering as directed by Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Engineering as directed by Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Engineering as directed by Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Material Science and Engineering (Course 3& 3-A)
  • Mechanical and Ocean Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Nuclear Science and Engineering and many more courses
  • It holds third position in our list with an endowment of $13.475 Billion



It was established in 1636 and its President is Drew Gilpin Faust its Academatic staff is 4,671 and has 21,000 students in which 6,700 Undergraduates and 14,500 Postgraduate students are studying its Campus is 210-acre and it is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A it has a nickname as Harvard Crimson courses offered are as follows , About 90% of researches will be carried out here , and around 30% are international students are opt for this collage every where for masters and other undergraduate programs.

  • Chemical and Physical Biology
  • Environmental Science and Public Policy
  • Folklore and Mythology
  • History and Literature
  • Literature
  • Neurobiology
  • Study of Religion
  • Social Studies
  • Special Concentrations
  • Studies of Women, Gender and Sexuality
  • Theater, Dance and Media

These are some of the courses of Harverd university in the list it holds fourth position with an endowment of $37.6 Billion



Established on 9th October 1701 its President is Peter Salovey its academic staff is 4,410 and it has 12,312 students in which 5,453 are Undergraduates and 6,859 are Postgraduates it is located in New Haven, Connecticut, United States it has a nickname as Bulldogs it has a campus of  260-acre courses offered by this university are Accounting, African American Studies, American Studies, Anthropology, Applied Physics, Arabic, Archaeology, Art, Astronomy, Biology, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Child Studies etc are some of the courses offered by this university in the list it holds eight position with an endowment of $25.572 billion


Established in 1919 and the Chancellor is Gene D. Block and the provost is Scott L. Waugh its academic staff is 4,016 in which administrative staff is 26,139 it has 43,301 students in which 29,585 are undergraduates and 12,323 postgraduates it is located in Westwoood, Los Angeles, California, United Statesit has a nickname Bruins it has a campus of 419-acre the courses offered by this university are African American Studies, African Studies, American Indian Studies, Anthropology, Archaeology, Art History, Asian American Studies, Asian Language and Culture, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Bioinformatics, Chemistry and Biochemistry etc are some of the courses offered by the university in the list it holds tenth position with an endowment of $3.49 billion, and a budget of $6.7 billion.

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